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Business Database BizDB.IN is a catalog of companies, it gives the complete information about companies in india in various sectors.

Our business experts can help you much better understand and communicate with their Indian counterparts, how to avoid common mistakes and strategies for their operation smoothely run as possible in indian companies.

Get data on master details of any company registered with Registrar of Companies (RoC). Data contains various information like Corporate Identification Number(CIN), Company Name, Company Status, Company Class, Company Category, Authorized Capital in INR, Paid-up Capital in INR, Date of Registration, Registered State, Registrar of Companies, Principal Business Activity, Registered Office Address and Sub Category.

Many big multinational companies have local subsidiaries or affiliates in India. Some independent Indian companies also thrive. Companies from India work in all major sectors from automobile to aerospace, construction, real estate, manufacturing, telecom, textile, advertising, media, healthcare and pharmaceuticals. You don't have to worry about search database of indian companies because various service providers gives you the database of indian companies in very small rates.

Our knowledge and relationships of local markets companies can accerate the evaluation process of India. The key economic players in India are the top companies in India. We also help you with many aspects of Top Companies in India and the Top 10 Global Companies as well in various categories and regions.

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